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We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the world.

Zimmermann Group LLC was founded in February 2016, is incorporated in Switzerland and 100% owned by its founders.

What we are best at


Christian Zimmermann, founder & managing partner

Mr. Zimmermann possesses a wealth of knowledge in the finance industry spanning over 35 years during which he held key positions within reputed companies. He has spent nearly 24 years as a senior partner and member of the board of directors working for an investment boutique. During his tenure he has acquired and refined skills such as analysing companies in various sectors and sizes in order to select the best investment cases. He was an active member of the advisory board of the largest listed investment company (> CHF 1 billion market capitalization),specializing in Swiss small & midcap companies for 3 years. He was instrumental in structuring, launching and actively managing a subsequent fund supervised by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) during 8 years. His  deep and detailed knowledge of the institutional and professional client's landscape within Switzerland and the rest of Europe serve him to constantly hunt for the best possible solution for a selected group of clients.

Yaqoob Al Balushi, CEO of Zimmermann & Partners LLC

Mr. Al Balushi joined the Royal Navy of Oman in 1989 as a logistics accountant. He was later promoted to become a fleet logistics officer. During his military career spanning 20 years, Mr. Al Balushi gained a high experience in logistics, store management and procurement. he as accustomed to operate in pressurised environments having several duties to accomplish at the same time within all the sections logistics and the suppliers from local and international markets, besides preparing personal annual reports and conducting routine checks and inspections of stores. His main duty was to make sure that all the fleet ships were replenished with the correct allowances of onboard spare parts and to deliver the operational defect requirements of ships within the estimated times at mother base, home waters or abroad. After his retirement from the Royal Navy, he has been involved in various government projects which were launched at that time in the country. The most popular of them was the Express Road of Muscat. This marked his start in the private sector where Mr. Al Balushi was entrusted with a sizeable portion of said project which he accomplished successfully within the specified time frame and required quality.
He has been able to obtain a long-term contract from Qatar to supply Gabbro aggregate which is a main element for all construction projects, which had a huge requirement of it.
Mr. Al Balushi acts as CEO of Zimmermann & Partners LLC.

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